ECO-BIO 2016

6 - 9 March 2016 | Rotterdam, The Netherlands

“This conference is a first of its kind and provides a platform where industries, scientists, NGOs and governments will meet each other to discuss the needs of a biobased economy from an academic, environmental and societal point of view.”

With fossil fuels becoming more and more limited and global change having unmistakable effects on our everyday lives, working towards a suitable future for both humans and all ecosystems of the world becomes essential.

Eco-Bio 2016 will bring together representatives from both academia and industry to highlight recent developments and the necessary steps to make the biobased economy a reality.

Register now to:

  • Learn about the latest research and innovation in biobased products and processes
  • Discuss how we embed the biobased economy in society
  • Make new research partnerships to enable new cascaded biobased value chains

A topical and comprehensive programme includes:

Plus! Take part in the Eco-Bio 2016 Video Challenge and optional tours of  the Dutch biobased sector,

Parallel tracks focussing on Materials, Food & Health and Transport & Energy review developments in the following areas:

  • Industrial biotechnology
  • Environment biotechnology
  • Sustainability and the biobased economy
  • Fundamental research in the biobased economy

This conference will be a first of its kind and will highlight the emergence of the research and innovation field, where we are today and what needs to be done to develop an economically feasible, safe, sustainable, and ecologically friendly biobased future. The conference will be a platform to further the discussions on this highly societal relevant topic.

Combining industrial needs with an approach from an academic, environmental and societal point of view is a new approach and we welcome your participation and views.

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Conference Speakers

Plenary speakers

Forum chairs

Invited speakers and Forum discussants

Scientific Committee

Conference CoChairs

Committee Members

  • Isabel Arends, The Netherlands
  • Ramlan Aziz, Malaysia
  • Luis Cortez, Brazil
  • Bruce E. Dale, USA
  • Karl-Erich Jaeger, Germany
  • Manfred Kircher, Germany
  • Philippe Lemanceau, France
  • Solange Mussatto, The Netherlands
  • Patricia Osseweijer, The Netherlands
  • Pierre Monsan , France
  • Roberto Rinaldi, UK
  • Dick Roelofs, The Netherlands
  • John (Jack) N. Saddler, Canada
  • Chris R. Somerville, United States
  • Glaucia Souza , Brazil
  • Jan Dirk van Elsas, The Netherlands
  • Mark van Loosdrecht, The Netherlands
  • Jan van Havenbergh, Belgium
  • Hans van Veen, The Netherlands
  • Bert Weckhuysen, The Netherlands
  • Emile van Zyl, South Africa
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